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What was my most silent moment and how did I experience it?

August 3rd, 2018 - This is the first blog of my Silent World tour. I’ve now been gone for 9 weeks already and so far went to Scotland, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and now Sweden.
In this blog, I will tell you about the most silent experience I had until now. Well, here goes.
My room number in the Vipassana Center
Without a doubt, it was during my Vipassana course in Denmark. A Vipassana is a noble silence course for 10 days or more. I wasn’t afraid of the silence nor not being able to speak for 10 days, but I struggled the most with the idea that I was not allowed to write down all my ideas that would come up. I love my channelled ideas and to take action right after that! During the course, we weren’t allowed to read, write or any non-verbal communication with each other. Men and women were separated, all paintings were covered. So really no contact inside nor with the outside. There was a moment where I had a first crash and that was the moment that the technique of Vip…

Announcement of my dream tour

Yes! I am so excited. Like a little child who’s showing her new present to her best friend. Today I’m sharing my dream/soul project with the world, with to you.
It’s something that came up a little over a year ago. But if I’m honest with myself it has been a silent dream for a long time. Do you recognise situations in life where you think things like: “Wauw, if only I dared to do what she/he does?” A kind of admiration, but there’s a voice inside your head that’s giving all kinds of reasons why this isn’t possible for you. Some fears and excuses surface.
Personally I’ve come a long way in facing my fears. After acknowledging them I always went through them and faced them head on. My journey of facing my fears has to do with believing in myself, doing things alone, f.e. going on walks or driving on the left side, ... by myself were big fears to overcome. 
Where does fear come from? Three kinds of fears: Past life karma fears Imprinted fears Fears caused by trauma
Past life karma fears …