Announcement of my dream tour

Yes! I am so excited. Like a little child who’s showing her new present to her best friend. Today I’m sharing my dream/soul project with the world, with to you.

It’s something that came up a little over a year ago. But if I’m honest with myself it has been a silent dream for a long time. Do you recognise situations in life where you think things like: “Wauw, if only I dared to do what she/he does?” A kind of admiration, but there’s a voice inside your head that’s giving all kinds of reasons why this isn’t possible for you. Some fears and excuses surface.

Personally I’ve come a long way in facing my fears. After acknowledging them I always went through them and faced them head on. My journey of facing my fears has to do with believing in myself, doing things alone, f.e. going on walks or driving on the left side, ... by myself were big fears to overcome. 

Where does fear come from? Three kinds of fears:

  1. Past life karma fears
  2. Imprinted fears
  3. Fears caused by trauma

  1. Past life karma fears
Some fears are inexplicable. These fears reside deep inside of you and aren’t related to any experience whatsoever. By doing regression therapy you can find out f.e. that in a previous life you were locked up and tortured in a prison and now in this lifetime you are invited to overcome claustrophobia.

F.e. a deep fear of mine is to step into the power of my inner light and use my healing gifts. In one of my past lives I accidentally killed my twin brother by frightening the horse he was sitting on. After that I ran into the jungle and died there without ever using my gifts, terrified of how powerful they were. (“How strong am I.”). In this life I am struggling to step into my real gifts.

  1. Inprented fears
These are fears that you’ve picked up from other people, in most cases from your parents. Typical fears are f.e. being afraid of spiders, mice,... but it can go deeper from hearing words like: be careful, don’t do this or you’ll fall, don’t walk alone,... all those phrases diminish the self belief of the child and may create fears of taking action, fear of failure,... in later life.

  1. Fears caused by trauma
A fear can also develop occur after experiencing a trauma f.e. car accident, emotional or physical abuse, robbery, … Fears are designed to protect you. But if this type of fear is not dealt with very quickly, it can nestle itself in the body and mind and damage your basic sense of security (trust of existence). That in turn will decrease your feeling of being free. 

F.e. I had to overcome a heavy hyperventilation attack in my car when I was 26 years old and getting overheated on the Teide in Tenerife but also I had to overcome emotional and physical abuse very recently.

For the last 8 years I’ve committed myself to create my freedom and free myself from of all my fears. I’ve been tackling them one by one. Now it’s time to go full monty. ;-)

The time has come for my Soul project

I am going to drive through Europe with a mobile home! Yeah!!! On the one hand it’s a journey of the soul, on the other hand I’m also traveling to discover more about the topic of silence. I’m going to visit places, talk to entrepreneurs, professors, city mayors, inhabitants,... all around the topic of silence. A kind of European discovery tour following my curiosity and passion for Silence. 

I am taking you with me

From now on I’m going to blog and vlog about my preparation and the obstacles I encounter. My situation is not ideal at all. I’m a single mom, daughter of 5,5 years old, entrepreneur who survived a very difficult launch phase in which I had to start all over again after a heavy gaslighting attack. I’m not a millionaire (yet, lol). So, I need to tackle a lot of things to go for my dream. But I will take the challenges along the way in order to live my dream. My soul is screaming  for this experience.
If you want to follow me, please subscribe to my youtube channel and my Blogger page. I will share everything that I encounter and how I solve it.

"If you have a dream? You go get it and face the challenges!"

Some challenges to tackle: fear of travelling alone, finding a mobilhome, what about my daughter, how to urn money,...

Thank you so much and stay tuned for my next blog. There’s a lot of work to be done.

Cathy Camertijn
Silent tour traveller


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